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Six Month Smiles in Houston, Tx

Misaligned teeth can come with quite a few problems. Not only do patients with misaligned teeth tend to hide their smiles, but food and debris are easily trapped causing discomfort and allowing plaque and bacteria to flourish. We understand that as an adult, you’re probably not keen on the idea of orthodontics. Wearing metal braces for years probably doesn’t fit with your professional image. However, when it comes to teeth straightening, today you have choices. Modern orthodontics offers options that are fast, comfortable, and almost invisible.



What is Six Month Smiles

Our dental office offers Six Month Smiles to adult patients in Houston who want their teeth straightened quickly and without metal brackets. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary technology that can correct misaligned teeth in just a few months using clear braces and tooth colored wires.  The clear braces are nearly invisible and the wires are very thin and tooth-colored, which means you can smile confidently during your orthodontic treatment. But that’s not all. The continual low force pressure exerted by the wires repositions misaligned teeth with maximum speed and minimal discomfort. Typically, Six Month smiles provides teeth straightening in just 4-9 months. And because your orthodontic treatment will take just a fraction of the time of conventional metal braces and wires, the cost is generally less.
No tricks. No gimmicks. This is a fast, easy, affordable option to straighten teeth, especially when compared to the hassle of traditional braces and the cost of porcelain veneers. Think about it—by the next time you are due for a regular cleaning, you could have the smile you’ve always wanted.